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TWO THUMBS GUY REALTY was first started by our own Brian Stecklein.

Brian first came up with the idea for Two Thumbs Guy when he witnessed first-hand how confusing home-buying and selling can be.


In order to set his company apart, he wanted to focus on the ideals of caring about the client, not the commission. He understood that the person should come first, not the sale. Originating from the Columbus area, Brian has a unique and deep understanding of this growing city and has a passion for its growth. Every time someone new comes into the area, his excitement overflows and does whatever he can to help them out.

Because of his dedication to Columbus, he wanted to make sure his staff felt the same way. His administrative assistant and executive web designer Michelle Johnson was also born and raised locally and even attended his rival high school. Her husband Joe was also born and raised in Columbus, so their local roots run deeper than most.

As the real estate market grew, so did Brian's enthusiasm for starting his own company. Two Thumbs Guy Realty is a registered Red 1 Realty branch that focuses not only within the limits of I-270, but also serves outside the outerbelt as well. If you are interested in any of these regions of the city we call home, contact us today! We can't wait to meet you!